Can you feel the love? (The second time).

What posts around the blogosphere made me laugh, smile, and cry this week? These ones:

  • Tracy makes me laugh with nearly every post, like this one about her 15-month-old son learning to become an inside sales representative. Then, sometimes, she gets all reflective and shit, and gives me a post to which I can relate about “going home again” and then coming back to her own life a thousand miles away, partly because she and I grew up only a few miles apart and both ended up in Colorado.
  • Julia shared a few “Boo-isms“, things her 6-year-old said and did recently that are witty and maybe just a wee bit strange…
  • Sometimes people with diabetes have to eat RIGHT NOW, as Kelly points out…sometimes even in bad-ass Philadelphia traffic court.
  • It’s about time somebody put together a diabetes blog carnival. It’s really happening…thanks to Cherise and Karen for their efforts.
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3 Responses to Can you feel the love? (The second time).

  1. k2 says:

    Your awesome!!

  2. Tracy says:

    Awwww you are too awesome!

  3. Cherise says:

    I felt the love the other day. I had to come back to say, “Thank you!”


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