A gluten-free potluck.

What gluten-free is…

And it is something about which Gluten Free Girl (and her chef) changed minds.  And something that is a real concern to those who cannot tolerate gluten, or those who are trying to avoid it as much as possible for their families.

What gluten-free isn’t…

It isn’t calorie-free and sugar-free, as Denise told her precious daughters who went back to the buffet over and over.  As I witnessed among that plentiful potluck table, full of mostly gluten-free baked goods, not necessarily the best for someone who controls their type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise.

Still, this gluten-free potluck in honor of Shauna and her family proved to be a time to spend with blogging friends made in the past couple years.  And while I should have taken pictures, this will have to suffice.

Photo courtesy Jolene’s smart phone.  Left to right – Jennifer (Use Real Butter), Jolene (Healthy Discoveries), me, Denise (Eat Play Love).

Go ahead and guess which one of us is gluten-free.  I dare you.

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One Response to A gluten-free potluck.

  1. Denise says:

    Nice afternoon, glad we could sit together! Look forward to seeing you more often.


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