Taking it offline.

I admit it.

I am a slacktivist.

I want to do more than just fundraise or donate money to causes close to my heart and my health.

I see an article about research being done at Northwestern University using nanotechnology to make islet cell transplants a more viable option for treating and maybe even curing type 1 diabetes.   And that makes me want to do more to support research in diabetes or women’s health or even some little known disease that needs researching.  At this point of my life, I know I won’t go back to school and become an engineer or a scientific researcher.  Certainly all the job skills gained over my adult lifetime could count for something in administrative support or project management, though.

I want to do more than just use social media to get and give support for my chronic conditions.

I tried to set up a local meetup group for younger adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, then life stuff got in the way and I freaked about meeting new people and I cancelled the latest meeting, even though I would have had a decent turnout last week.  I need to move past my own fears if I want to help other people.  I thought if this group went well, I could set up another local one for women with chronic illness, but I won’t get very far if I keep letting fear take over.

I want to do more and just say “no” to making excuses.

People tell me again and again that my written voice is strong, that even my spoken voice can be strong when I tackle a topic about which I am passionate.  I need to start believing that and take it further than my fears hold me back.

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3 Responses to Taking it offline.

  1. colleen says:

    I’m sorry you had to cancel the meeting you arranged.
    Our Ping group is a mixed group of 1s & 2s, yet we find lots to talk about and even more to learn from each other.
    Perhaps you could find a friendly (cheap/free) speaker, and that would take some of the stress off of you.
    I hope you’re able to do another meeting:)

  2. Scott K. Johnson says:

    It is hard to move from online to off-line. I give you a lot of props for working to make the jump.

  3. sweetcherise says:


    I am proud of what you’ve done so far! Your first d-meet up went great. I know you’ll jump back on the saddle in time. I am cheering from you! I know once you get going you will not be able to stop.


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