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At the Movies.

After a nearly three-year absence from going to the movies, we’ve seen a movie two weekends in a row.   (I’d really like to see many more this summer, particularly Land of the Lost, Public Enemies, and The Time Traveler’s Wife.)

Star Trek - Loved it.  Zachary Quinto as Spock and Simon Pegg as Scotty were nearly perfect picks by J. J. Abrams.  I’d like to see more Star Trek with this cast.

Angels & Demons – I have a lot to say about this, as I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

  • I’m always wary of books turned into movies*.  That being said, I have never read The Da Vinci Code and I didn’t read Angels & Demons.  I just don’t read mass market writers, with only a few exceptions (Stephen King, Dennis Lehane, and Jennifer Weiner come to mind).   Hyping up books that are only destined to become movies turns me off.   In fact, I’d rather some of these writers just write the screenplay and skip the book.  Anyhow, since I didn’t read the book in this case, there was no way for me to be disappointed.  
  • The history of the Catholic Church provided in the movie was fascinating, though I realize Dan Brown may have speculated upon some of it.  I enjoy reading about religion, even though I consider myself an agnostic.  Just because you don’t believe what others do, it is still important to understand the world’s religions and how they impact politics and society.  If I was forced to go to church, however, I’d probably choose a Catholic one, as I feel most connected with the traditions there.   And so, the historical aspects along with the architecture of Rome drew me into the movie.  And, well, Tom Hanks.

* Yes, I am quite wary of The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I’ve heard that the romance between Henry and Clare may be emphasized over the light sci-fi aspect of the novel.  I’m hoping what I heard was wrong because I adored that book.

Deer Me.

My company currently leases the back 1/3 (or so) of a building, with a big row of windows facing out to the dumpsters, a row of trees, then railroad tracks.  

This morning, a deer was hanging out in the trees at 9.  That seemed pretty late for a deer to be out and about, especially with people staring at it.  (I know these things, I lived in a wooded area of Wisconsin for five years.)  

It occurred to me that if the deer got even a little bit closer to those railroad tracks and a train happened to roar down the tracks, we might end up having deer parts on those back windows.  

So, I told my husband this.  

His response was “VENISON!!!”.


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