Things that are true.

We have closed on our refinancing. 

By closing on our refinancing, I signed my maiden name for very possibly the last time in my life.  We bought the house and refinanced the first time under my maiden name, so we had to do a quit claim deed to change my name forever and ever on the mortgage.  (Still questioning whether I’ll need to do this again when my passport needs renewal in a couple years…)

Things at work are more stressful by the day, it seems.

When things at work are stressful, it seems that time flies and I can’t keep up.  Exercise, staying healthy, and talking to mom and dad on a regular basis – these are difficult.  I’m trying, really trying.  

Bruce Springsteen will appear at Pepsi Center on April 10, the day after I turn thirty-three.

Greg is taking this into consideration and may attempt to buy tickets on Monday.

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