Thursday night conflict

Broncos-Browns at 6pm.

Avalanche-Wild at 7pm.

Grey’s Anatomy at 8pm, Life on Mars at 9pm.

I don’t watch much television besides news, sports, and Jeopardy these days.  However, I’m hopelessly attached to Grey’s.  Life on Mars has become a new favorite of both of us.  (The only other show that I don’t want to miss each week during the “normal” television season is Cold Case.)  

So, let’s see.  The Broncos aren’t doing well enough to hold my attention over my shows.  The Avs have 82 games a season – I really don’t have to watch each and every one.  So yeah, unless the Broncos show a significant improvement in the first half of the game, I’ll make the switch to ABC and my shows.

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  1. Hey, I like Life on Mars. I was channel flipping the whole evening – Broncos, Ugly Betty, CSI, and Life on Mars. Now tonight there’s nothing.


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