Now I’m paying attention!

  1. Is the Brett Favre un-retirement saga over?  Something tells me it isn’t.  (Let this be a lesson to you, Joe Sakic, as you make your own decision regarding a return to the Colorado Avalanche.)
  2. I must learn to follow the directions on the mail-in ballot.  Though there’s only one contested race in the state Democratic primary (August 12), I still wanted to vote for my favorite for the 2nd Congressional District (Will Shafroth).  Since I accidentally mauled the ballot, I must request another.  I’m not sure I really want to make the effort, as any of the three candidates would be qualified to run against the Republican candidate in November.  
  3. Rachel’s Diabetes Tales can now be found at Diabetes Daily.  Tales of My Thirties will continue here, focusing on more mainstream topics like football, politics, and home life (including those silly felines).

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