Not so easily filled.

I am ecstatic that two of my generic prescriptions* are offered at my local King Soopers** pharmacy for $4.00 per 30-day supply.  This makes both prescriptions cheaper than what our mail order pharmacy can offer with 90-day supplies***.  

But, why OH why, can I never remember that the Easyfill application on the store’s website isn’t compatible with Safari?  


*levothyroxine and metformin, if you MUST know.  

**Yes, it’s a silly name for a grocery store that is part of the larger Kroger chain.  Every time I see a King Soopers sign, I feel like I should be at a kid-oriented restaurant such as Chuck E Cheese or something.  

***Yes, don’t we both wish that our test strips were considered generic.  HA!  

Posted on June 26, 2008, in Diabetes, Health, Humor. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Question: is your metformin Extended Release or just regular? Had such a bad experience with it and thought the EX-R would be better…but my insurance would not cover it. Now on no diabetic meds and need to go on something. Waiting for it to go generic.
    Maybe it has?

  2. talesofmy30s

    It’s regular and driving me crazy with side effects.

    I’m asking what my alternatives are at my next appt in September.

  3. Have you tried using Firefox for doing refills? Once in a while, when a website doesn’t work in Safari, it does in Firefox.

  4. talesofmy30s

    MD> yeah, I use Firefox for the application, it’s just that I can never remember that Safari doesn’t work when I first start the refill process.


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