For the new Mr. and Mrs. B

“There’s not much time.  It won’t be in view much longer.”

“We should go see it.  Just us…and what about the two of you?”

Quickly walking up the path, all four of us made our way up the steps.  J and I saw it first with ease, but by the time Greg and D were able to see, the image became clouded.  Slightly disappointed, we retreated, stopped by M along the way.

“Hey, where have you been?  The caterers have been looking all over for you.  There are toasts to be had and cake to be cut.”

“Saturn was in perfect view at the Clark.  We had to keep this one for ourselves this evening.  We couldn’t just herd everyone out quite yet,” D explained as we hurried back to the wedding reception.

Thank you, D, for sharing that special moment with not only your new wife but with your brother and sister-in-law.  While I’m sure all the other guests enjoyed their time viewing through the telescopes at the observatory, you kept this one for us.  We greatly appreciate it.

Congratulations – may the very special evening bring many, many special years.

Posted on June 2, 2008, in Family. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I loved the photos on Flickr. Congrats to your new family members!

  2. Seeing Saturn through the Clark telescope is quite an amazing experience. We’re glad that you had that opportunity! You and Greg really seemed to enjoy yourselves this weekend.

    We look forward to many, many happy years together.

  3. I’m glad you four got to see Saturn thru the Clark. We were all wondering where you went, but you were justified!


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