State of the Rachel.

  • Diet soda consumption resumed with the contract last week. I need to remember to bring green tea to work tomorrow.
  • Last endo appointment was in September. I didn’t think he’d let me go six months between appointments now that I’m on the metformin, but he did. Meanwhile, my test strips and thyroid meds prescriptions expired. Luckily, I got both renewed without too much trouble, but it was definitely time to make my next appointment. Earliest available appointment was April 7. Sheesh.
  • Currently flip-flopping on whether to caucus for Obama or for Edwards next Tuesday, February 5. Definitely not into the whole Hill-Billy thing right now.

P.S.  Sussy package will be out sometime this week.  It won’t be coming directly from me, as I had to use an outside source to fulfill my duty.

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  1. I can go for a diet soda. Don’t bother with Edwards.

  2. in search of balance

    I’m dissapointed in Hillary’s health care plan. I think her major and public failure in Universal Care at the beginning of Bill’s presidency hurt her, and now she’s much less agressive / progressive about it. So…. I guess I’ll be an Obama gal, because although Edwards seems to have a better policy, he has no chance of winning. My dream would be Edwards pres, Obama vice, but I’ll take the other way around :)

  3. My primary is tomorrow. I need to move to a state with caucuses – they seem like more fun!

  4. B> Yeah, I think I’d like Obama-Edwards/Edwards-Obama together no matter what, too.

    Sara> Colorado never had interesting caucuses before…they were always after the action had really happened, so I’m excited about Super Tuesday.


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