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Show and Tell: Snow


Here we go, “winter” wonderland in October.  It’s not the first October snowstorm I’ve experienced during my time in Colorado.  In 2002, I managed to get stuck on four-hour bus commute when roads became icy, then snow-packed. Even though we have 14 inches of snow (estimated by the husband) here at home and probably a [...]

Even though I’ve lived in Colorado for eleven years, I have only taken one trip to the mountains to see the aspens changing colors.   Though it’s been years, this photo continues to bring back memories from that one weekend when we visited several spots to see the gorgeous trees in their fall glory.  And [...]

Water Conservation.


If all goes as predicted, thunderstorms will occur in the Denver area for the seventh day in a row this afternoon.  Even before this started, there was rather wet May.  Everything looks green and lush, something that doesn’t always happen by mid-June.  At this rate, we may seen green well into July. Needless to say, [...]

There I was, standing, waiting for a bus.  Any bus that might take me closer to home during the tail-end of the late-season (and much-needed) blizzard along the Front Range of Colorado.  And finally, there one was.  It wasn’t the normal one, but the driver said he’d take me to Boulder station.   As I [...]

The Ides of March.


Just some random musings this Ides of March: Got an e-mail from the Colorado Shakespeare Festival asking for money.  They’ll be having more actors doing multiple roles in the same play, cutting down on performances (seven weeks instead of nine this summer), cutting down on number of technicians, and freezing salaries.   Sounds familiar to [...]

This evening found us at O’s Steak and Seafood, just a couple miles from our home.  While O’s is housed in a hotel, this is not your standard hotel fare. To start, Greg chose the crab cake with avocado relish and sriracha caviar while I decided upon the apple-tarragon puree with bacon-wrapped mushrooms.   He [...]

Denver Restaurant Week runs from February 21 – March 6, with over 200 restaurants in the area offering meals for $52.80 for 2 people.  Some restaurants are only running their special menus through February 27, the original end of the promotion.  This deal makes some of Denver’s top restaurants affordable for many, even in this [...]

In Search Of.


One of my favorite things about winter along the Front Range of Colorado occurs right after sunset.   Dusk.  As there’s still enough light to illuminate the snow-capped mountains, but enough dark to provide a purply contrast in the sky.  And then, before long, you wouldn’t know that there were foothills and mountains there if [...]

January found me back at my previous place of employment after a three-month hiatus.  And I’m still there, through two rounds of layoffs and a whole lot of stress. February and March found me struggling with tooth #19.   April was the most eventful of months, with my highest A1C yet and a lovely new [...]