End of year.

Sitting where I never expected to be this time last year.

Still in Colorado. Still in the same apartment. Still at the same job.

Sitting at the flimsy card table that masks as a kitchen table, waiting a few more minutes to log into work for the newly approved Friday telecommuting. Thinking about whether the Bears will make the playoffs, thinking about whether the Broncos will make it to the Super Bowl. Thinking about London in a few weeks, knowing that fulfilling a promise to myself will not underwhelm.

Dreaming of what the next year will bring, knowing how easily it could be vastly different than today’s expectations. The GRE retake may interfere with the dreams set for beginning graduate school in August. The changed tax burden may interfere with the dreams set for buying a little place to settle down for a while. The chronic health issues may interfere with all that and more.

Hoping for a good year after three years of health and personal struggles, acknowledging that things will not always be picture perfect. But confidence has returned – with co-workers and superiors encouraging strength in the workplace, friends and family encouraging strength outside of it. Being loved and supported and feeling confident allows for the hope and promise of the new year.

Bring it on, 2013.

Posted on December 28, 2012, in Writing. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I’m rooting for you. :)

  2. It will be a good year! Don’t give up your dreams.

  3. Love the confidence. :)

  4. Bring it on, indeed! You’ll show 2013, fo sho.


  5. Scott K. Johnson

    Can’t wait to watch 2013 unfold for you!


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