Operation Carb Control.

No pasta, no pizza, no chocolate. And for goodness sake, no diet soda.

Last month’s A1C Now showed a 5.6%. Ever since then I feel like I have been riding a glucoaster of epic proportions. It all came to a head on Tuesday morning while participating in the Roche summit.

I found the darn flaky buttery croissant at breakfast too good to pass up, even though potatoes were already on the plate with not nearly enough protein accompanying the meal, not like the morning before. About an hour later, I found myself inching towards 200 mg/dl and racing to the bathroom every twenty minutes. There is nothing you can do in the middle of a meeting when your type 2 diabetes care regimen is metformin and exercise…except drink tons of water and wait it out.

Then, of course, the bottom dropped out and dealt with a blood glucose level inching towards 70 mg/dl, where a healthy snack bar full of balanced proteins and carbohydrates came in handy.

The thing is, that in spite of regular exercise, I knew I had been riding the glucoaster over and over and over again the weeks leading up to the meeting. Too much pasta, too much pizza, too much chocolate – and too much diet soda fueling the carb cravings.

And with today’s A1C Now reading showing a 6.0%, I know it is time to stop doing what I have been doing. While that 6.0% is far from alarming, it is an indicator for me that something is not right and I need to get back to what works to even out blood sugar.

Operation Carb Control begins today with those four simple rules in the four weeks leading up to a full blood draw in advance of my next endocrinologist appointment. (Oh yeah, I can totally do this.)

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  1. It’s inspiration to make a step in the right direction. Though I go by totally different levels and markers, my last a1c really kicked me in the pants. I was NOT happy with it and am having to go through the steps to put myself back in a range that I’m comforatable with. Keep it up! You Can Do This. :)

  2. Hey Rachel, I hear ya. Awhile back, even though I felt like I was in control, the dreaded carb cravings were my constant companion. I think it’s great that you are that aware of what you’re doing that needs changing…and that you’re doing something to change it! Your attitude needs to be cloned for use by other PWD. I made some changes that are working and I’m looking forward to hearing how your changes pan out. Yes, you CAN do this! :)

  3. I hate when my glucose is racing off the charts and there isn’t a way to quickly bring it under control. Even a nice swift two mile hike is going to take 30 minutes, if it’s even feasible. And my doctor swears that metformin can not make you go low, yet it does. Carb control is really the only way to go, even when everyone else is eating pizza and bagels. It stinks.

  4. Carb cravings… every day of my life.

    106. :P

  5. GO. GURL!

  6. I need to join you on OCC – I always feel better and more BG-even, and it’s silly that I just ignore something as huge as feeling better.


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