Onward to 2012.

Everything thought to be old will be new again in 2012.

Reclaiming a name and relocating to the original time zone.

Both of those will take time and effort to execute, the first dominating the early part of the year and the second taking up much of the later part.


What does relocation mean to someone with multiple chronic health conditions? It means more than searching for a new job, a new place to live, and moving. It means added emotional and physical stress from all that job searching, apartment hunting, not to mention packing boxes and setting up utilities.

It means leaving behind a team of spectacular health care professionals who have carried me through the past several years… and finding new ones who must fill big shoes.

It is overwhelming enough to make me want to stay right where I am.


Where I am is not in a good place. Deep down, I know that.

Being closer to family, being closer to friends? That is a better place to heal from all the mess of the past couple years, despite the small support system I do have here. So all the scary stuff about moving several hundred miles and finding new doctors? All the stress will be worth it, if at the end of 2012, I find myself in a good place.

Posted on December 30, 2011, in Fantastic ideas, Health. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. You’re a possibility. I know you’ll make 2012 your bitch.

  2. Moving and moving ahead are tasks that can be overwhelming for sure. You are loved, liked, and very much appreciated and I know that 2012 holds great things for you my wonderful friend!

  3. Here is to a great 2012 for you!

  4. Similar thoughts here. Hopefully we will both appreciate where we are at the end of 2012.

  5. Yes, it can be the toughest to move ahead to where we should be, even when we know where we are isn’t the right place. But you can do it, and we’re all here for support and whatever unicorn-laced support you might need! Good luck as we get 2012 going!


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