#NHBPM – I still remember…

I still remember not knowing what was wrong.

I still remember thinking it was all in my head, that stress must be taking its toll yet again in new and interesting ways.

I still remember the fevers and the chills and the heartburn and the abdominal pain, for several days, not enough to scare me to a doctor sooner.

I still remember the endocrinologist being more worried about those symptoms than my A1C increasing.

I still remember finally seeing a doctor the day before all hell broke loose anyways, and how she saw something uncertain on the office ultrasound.

I still remember what it turned out to be – an unknown abscess, crying out to be drained with its impact on my body’s temperature, on my body’s white blood cells, on my body’s blood pressure.

I still remember being wheeled into the operating room.

I still remember how I came out stronger even when I was still so weak.

Come December 5, two years will have passed. And I still remember it all, especially that last part.

(Not forgetting the care I received, either, I still remember all the fantastic doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and office staff who helped me through all the events leading up to both surgeries, along with each hospitalization and recovery period.)

This post, was written as part of  NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days.

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