Adventures in Andersonville (Chicago weekend, 1).

Puppet Bike is guaranteed to make anyone smile, even me…

Though the earlier custom sushi at Tanoshii that the man below made me and my friends quite delighted as well. (Think strawberries layered between fish and rice, or mango on top of fish, with spicy sauces that turn sushi into something that does not need wasabi or soy sauce). From the reviews on Yelp, people either love Tanoshii or hate it. I’m a lover, not a hater.

Thank you to Cinnamon for introducing me to this “artisanal sushi” experience well worth the trip up to the Andersonville neighborhood and to Jenni and Jasmine for more good company.

Just to clarify, however, there were a ton of carbs in this sushi between all the rice, fruit, and spicy sauces, not to mention that later we stopped for ice cream at George’s. Perfect that I saw this in a store window as we strolled along Clark (sort of) late into the night. (Trust me when I say that I worked off all those carb-filled calories the next day…Stay tuned.)

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