#HAWMC – Day 9 – Health Activist Choice

April 9, 2011 – Day 9 – Health Activist Choice

I am thirty-five years old today.

A whole new age bracket.

With turning thirty-five, a couple new medical tests get thrown into the mix.

When I visit my gynecologist for my annual exam in a few weeks, she will be ordering a baseline mammogram due to family history of benign and malignant breast disease.

Before I visit my endocrinologist again in July, pre-appointment blood tests will include C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation throughout the body, including being a possible indicator of heart disease. (Since I not only have a handful of personal risk factors, but a family history of early heart disease.) Depending on the results of this test, it may influence me to start taking a statin despite (hopefully) being years away from menopause.

This makes me feel a little old. Or maybe just a little more adult, taking even more responsibility for my future health.

(But…but…age is just a number right? You’re only as old as you act? Pass me the champagne…)

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  1. Just have some fun today!
    Hugs and wishes for a great 35th birthday.


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