Can you feel the love? (The first time).

Some of the best stuff I’ve seen all week around the blogosphere:

  • Elly, who is currently being stalked by old televisions that people throw out in the New Jersey snow, is trying to find an agent for the book she has written about her experience with lymphoma. The first chapter? It reeled me in and it might do the same for you.
  • It is now perfectly okay to blog in haiku about cat poop. Because Schmutzie did.
  • Local blogging pal Denise committed to 200 hikes in 2011…and she’s taking pictures along the way.
  • Sometimes even the best people with diabetes leave their blood glucose meter behind. I told Jacquie she needs to name her meter Lassie so it always comes home to her when she calls it. To that she replied, it should also always return the magic 104 mg/dl seen in all those ads for blood glucose meters…good point.
  • Medicinal Marzipan tackles the idea of not being afraid of your own ambition. Much of what she wrote her resonates with me as I make future plans that include some rather ambitious dreams.
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2 Responses to Can you feel the love? (The first time).

  1. Denise says:

    Thanks Rachel! Can’t wait to have you join me a few times on my journey to 200!

  2. Elly Lou says:

    Holy cow are you the nicest thing in the history of a world that is about to seized by aliens disguised in the form of discarded TVs or what? *slurp*


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