The twenty-seventh truth.

(This comes from the 30 Days of Truth meme, an ongoing blogging project that I hoped to finish by the end of the year…maybe by the end of January?)

Day #27 - What’s the best thing going for you right now?

Hope.  Hope that I’m coming out of a dark place.  Hope that I can still somehow be a voice for those with chronic illness.  Hope that this year will be full of good experiences not yet imagined.

And with hope, belief in myself.  I lost that feeling, that feeling that I could do just about anything to which I set my mind, for awhile there and it is slowly starting to come back.   As much as I think I need others to believe in me (which they do, just on a smaller level), it’s ME who needs to believe in me most.  I know I can be strong again, physically and mentally – and perhaps even stronger than I ever was.

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