The old names, the old ways.

When I was fourteen, they were called “stretch jeans” not “skinny jeans”.

When I was twenty-four, they were called “microbrews” not “craft beers”.

But it took me until the age of thirty-four to realize how disgusting cooking sprays really are and that they must not be good for us.  Scrubbing a cookie sheet coated in such spray furiously makes me wonder what exactly that spray is doing once it enters my body.  Not that the margarine my mom used is any better, right?

Sort of like refusing to call stretch jeans or microbrews by any other name than I originally knew, maybe I need to go back to the way my great-grandmothers did things* for all of my cooking.

Yeah.  I think I’ll just sit back with my microbrew, laugh at the latest stretch jeans fad, and use real butter to grease a cookie sheet when baking a winter squash.


*Michael Pollan’s catch-phrase ed for dramatic effect.  Given the times in which they lived, they may have used margarine for all I know.

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2 Responses to The old names, the old ways.

  1. Elly Lou says:

    *fist bumps* Pollan gets in your brain and won’t let go, right? If it wasn’t food 100 years ago it isn’t food now.

  2. Sue/RFamHere says:

    Add to the list “flares” that I knew as “bell bottoms.” Am I dating myself??? Oh and we use butter, too! :)


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