Tweets of the week.

  • Why are WNBA playoffs only five games long?  #
  • I am sick of people being so judgmental @ decisions other people make @ their health & families. Leave it for politics, religion, & sports.  #
  • Maybe the solution to this one bathroom situation at the day job is to start wearing Depends.  #
  • If you think older cats don’t go nuts over wiggling human toes, you must meet my 10-year-old Perl.  #
  • I will blame the Justin Bieber haircut Ricky Stanzi has decided to flaunt if Iowa loses this game.  #
  • After that last play, Brett Favre is probably thinking he should have retired for real this time.  #
  • Because it’s been way too long since my last doctor appt (May 11, to be exact), I’m getting in two doctor appts this week!  #
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