Invisible Illness Week 2010.

Invisible Chronic Illness Week is here once again.  Lisa Copen does a great service by organizing not only a virtual conference, but also a large advocacy campaign to raise awareness of chronic pain and other invisible illness.

This year’s theme is “Each One Can Reach One”, highlighting efforts to (a) reach others with invisible illness through blogging and other social media and (b) leave anonymous sticky notes in public places encouraging others who may live silently with invisible illness.

My own invisible illnesses are type 2 diabetes and mental health issues, health conditions about which I have often blogged.

I also happen to have experienced chronic pelvic pain in the past and remained silent about it far too long in comparison to these other issues.  I never thought I’d be able to say “in the past”, so I recognize the struggles of others who are not able to find relief from chronic pain.

If you are in pain, you are not alone.

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One Response to Invisible Illness Week 2010.

  1. Becky (Princess Mikkimoto) says:

    Love this! I used to be in hiding about my depression and anxiety. Not anymore!

    p.s. read your previous posts and going into winter with a positive attitude will help you so much. it’s hard but just keep repeating it. It will work!


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