Friday cat blogging.

No pictures this week.  

Another year, another trip to the vet.  

Everyone seems happy and healthy, for the most part.  Karelia (Kari) does need a dental exam next week, while Nepenthe (Neppie) and Perl could use them soon, too.  

We mentioned that it seemed at times that Kari (and to some degree, Neppie) seems “crotchety”, missing jumps up on the couch or the bed.  Some of it is weight issues for Kari, but since they both get steroid shots to help inflammatory bowel disease, they may be lacking in potassium that could make both seem “crotchety” at age 11.  So, we’re trying out a variety of potassium supplements to see what works best for them.  So far, it looks like the powder we can mix in with the wet food that only they devour. 

There’s always the possibility that the steroid shots could contribute to feline diabetes.  While we wouldn’t expect it of Neppie as a fairly active cat, it is a concern as the sedentary Kari has her pre-dental bloodwork. 

Actual pictures will return next Friday.

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