(No, I’m not talking about the bike I hardly use.  I’m talking about the female cycle.  Read no further if this subject makes you uncomfortable.)

I find relief when I begin each and every period.  Well, okay, after nearly twenty years of menstruating, I haven’t gotten entirely used to the process.  But lately, I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend in the relationship between my cycle and diabetes control.  

From the moment I start my period until I begin PMS symptoms three weeks later (give or take a day or two), I have a good handle on blood sugar readings as long as I exercise and take my metformin.  Diet doesn’t seem to matter too much – I can get away with sushi or pizza with blood sugars within post-prandial range.  

That last week of every cycle gets me and gets me good.  Despite good intentions, I end up binging on carbs and end paying for it with high blood sugars and high emotions (despite the metformin and the exercise).  

I’ve noticed it for over a year, but it’s about time I start paying attention.  At the sight of that first fasting blood sugar out of range, I need to stay in control and stick to lower-carb options.   I can’t continue to feel out of control one week out of every month.  I just can’t.  Because otherwise, the idea of a home hysterectomy kit is sounding mighty tempting to me and those around me…



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  1. Oh man… same thing here, except mine is two weeks on and two weeks off. I actually need extra Lantus for two weeks – and then wham, straight down – so I have to remember to lower it again at least one day before that hits (Do you think I can predict it that well? No, never!)

    If you’re anything like me, that week before a period is when carbs are the most attractive, as well as staying in bed, being grumpy and lazy, and feeling as if the world is a dead end dump! Half of that is the hormones of course – the other half is having wildly unpredictable diabetes at a really bad time when I just don’t want to handle it!

    You said the magic word there – exercise. It seems to make a big difference to how the hormones affect me. And naturally it also makes a big difference to D control. Easier said than done when you want to hide under the covers with a spread of desserts!!

  2. I can definitely do chocolate like it’s going out of style during that period of time. I also seem to *need* more red meat as well, but that’s a separate issue. As far as BG control… that seems more to run in 2-3 month cycles that *appear* to be cycle-related, but on further inspection, are not. (I wrote about that a couple months ago on my TuDiabetes blog)


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