ACCORD is personal.

Cotton mouth has returned with a vengeance, thanks to excessive diet soda consumption during the work day.  I prefer only one or two cups of coffee a day, especially knowing that more could interfere with blood sugar control in those with type 2 diabetes.  However, I’ve needed more caffeine than that to get through exhausting work days.

After a day where I splurged on an Olive Garden lunch (complete with breadsticks) followed by a tasty, sugary treat from a former co-worker, I know MY appetite has increased with the increased diet soda consumption.  With a relative lack of exercise in the mix, my blood sugar readings are slowly increasing.

And then there’s ACCORD – these findings do scare me.

I may only be pushing 32 years old, but I have multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  Family and personal history of hypertension, family and personal history of high cholesterol.  Luckily, when I have been adamant about diet and sticking to exercise, blood pressure and cholesterol have been excellent.

But there’s also the family history of heart disease.   That I can’t ignore.  Not only did my maternal grandfather die of a heart attack, I remember all too well the days my father was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery.  (He was 49 years old at the time – several years before his type 2 diagnosis, by the way.)

After my type 2 diabetes diagnosis shortly before my 29th birthday, heart disease may not wait until after I hit menopause if I don’t maintain tight control.     

Diet soda consumption ends now.  No matter how tired I am tonight, I will get back on the elliptical.  It’s not just about feeling better today, it’s about thriving in the future.

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  1. i love your drive and motivation – you are totally right. it’s all about thriving in the future. It’s completely clear that very good diabetes mgmt lowers risks like retinopathy, nerve disease, kidney disease, etc, all the stuff we don’t want. There isn’t enough known yet about the population that experienced more deaths in the ACCORD trial, but even if you are at risk for CVD the good news is it’s preventable. I really admire your obvious tenacity – inspiring to the rest of us out here with diabetes.

  2. Rachel,

    You are very much on the right track and an inspiration.

    When I exercise in the morning or later afternoon (my tired times), I don’t need as much caffeine, but it’s not always an option for me. I drink a bit of caffeine, but I’ve really watched it in myself, and as a type 1, I’ve gotta say that, if anything, caffeine tends to drive down my bloodsugar ever so slightly without a rise later. It also keeps my spirits up more, so for me, it seems a relatively safe vice, all things considered. I don’t drink. Don’t eat cake. Don’t do drugs or smoke, but caffeine in the form of an iced Americano now and again or a diet soda is on my list of must-haves at least a couple times a week, right up there with exercise! hah! What justification, eh?

  3. Thank you for your very kind words. I’ve been feeling rather down about my control the past few weeks during my contract, so it helps to try to assert myself against the diabetes.


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