All too familiar.

Even though my parents have only lived in their current home for four years, there are things that I have come to expect that allow it to seem familiar. Bird feeders in the yard, fresh bread, their voices.

That was certainly the case one particular visit. At first sight, it would have seemed like any typical winter weekend, but Greg and I were there for something more than that. It was the occasion of my mother’s birthday, followed by my parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary a couple days later.

Not only that, but we knew that it was quite possible that my life would undergo a significant change when I returned to Colorado. But for this special weekend, I couldn’t let myself think about it. I couldn’t let my parents know that something was wrong with me, not that weekend. Greg agreed to keep my secret.

Reading the birthday card from my mom’s sister threw me back into reality for a few moments. She wrote about her recent diagnosis with type 2 diabetes – exactly the news I expected to receive the following week. I recovered quickly, in time to enjoy the last sips of regular Coke and the most delicious brownie I have ever had.

I still remember the taste of that Irish cream brownie, found in the bakery section of a local butcher shop. It was the last sweet thing I would eat without guilt about carbohydrates and calories. It was the last visit to my parents’ home where I still felt like their little girl without grown-up problems.

Back home on Monday morning, the nurse at my doctor’s office called with confirmation what I had known ever since the oral glucose tolerance test had been ordered – type 2 diabetes.

Some of my first thoughts involved baking and how I just wouldn’t bake anything ever again. Sweets, bread, NOTHING, even though I loved making creations for others to enjoy. Somewhere along the way, I changed my mind. Read about my continued love of baking at Dueling Diabetes on dLife, which includes a conclusion to my Thanksgiving cranberry dessert dilemma.

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