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Unspoken language.

He didn’t have to tell me.

The evidence was right there on the kitchen counter.  The cup with the sticky remnants and still rimmed with sugar told me.

Low right before bedtime, he said.

I figured, I said.

Not the end of the world (a book review).

The American Diabetes Association Guide to Insulin & Type 2 Diabetes – Marie McCarren

The doctor says it is time for insulin, but you are worried about the needles. Or you think it means your type 2 diabetes has worsened and there is no hope in avoiding complications. Or you’re worried about weight gain.

Marie McCarren works to dispel the myths about insulin in this book. Using a balance of clinical guidelines and personal stories from the American Diabetes Association message boards, McCarren does an excellent job explaining all things insulin.

For instance, needles used to inject insulin are small. Better control can be found with insulin therapy and weight can be managed if insulin doses are correct. That is just a sample of answers found in this book.

The only thing missing are photographs of someone injecting insulin. While there are excellent graphs detailing how different insulins peak, I was disappointed not to see injections demonstrated.

Regardless, I plan on keeping this book around for my own reference should insulin become the answer for me in the future. I highly recommend it to anyone worried about their own insulin needs.


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