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For the first thirty-two years of my life, I knew nothing of where I came from on my father’s side.  Oh, I knew that his adoptive father was the favored and fun Grandpa of my siblings, though I was too young to know him like they did.  And I’d seen movies of a family trip [...]

Read me?


Soon, I shall make another large online purchase full of (mostly) used books from Powell’s.  Although I have plenty on my to-read bookshelf, not much of it is appropriate for recovery from the kind of surgery I will be having in a few weeks.   Last time, I discovered rather quickly that I didn’t have [...]

Slow reading.


Four books.  I have only read four books so far this year. What is wrong with me?  The past couple of years, I read like mad in the winter, then slowed down come summer.   This winter, however, I have been just too darn tired during both morning and afternoon bus commutes to do much [...]

Name dropping.


I was just alerted to the fact that the twin sons of a family friend have published a book.   They’re only 13!  Owen and Dustin Schoenfeld wrote It Isn’t Just a Game after the Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 2005 and kept plugging it to publishers until one finally jumped at [...]

1. First book to leave a lasting impression? The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton.  Written in the years following World War II with the rise of suburbia, this speaks to today’s world with how much has changed since then.  We’ve made progress, sure, but are we happy with it?  This was my favorite book [...]

Hey ladies over thirty, how much do you want to achieve success in the workplace and in romance?  Would you seek out untested weight loss plans or possible alternatives to plastic surgery? Women in Rivka Tadjer’s novel Two Weeks Under seek weight loss and an alternative to plastic surgery by undergoing a two-week “coma” offered [...]

1. Maybe I don’t have the heart for 600-page books full of deep thoughts like I did when I was younger. While Crime and Punishment was a good read, I’m not going to be actively seeking out similar books. I want to finish the books I read in a timely manner…not take over two months [...]

I’m not sure which is my true passion – reading or writing. There are books which I slowly consume in order to enjoy every last bit…and there are books that I must devour and cannot put down (and enjoy ever bit as much). The book I read this weekend falls into the latter category, alongside [...]

The American Diabetes Association Guide to Insulin & Type 2 Diabetes – Marie McCarren The doctor says it is time for insulin, but you are worried about the needles. Or you think it means your type 2 diabetes has worsened and there is no hope in avoiding complications. Or you’re worried about weight gain. Marie [...]

I wish I could put a copy of Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes: 5 Essential Health Factors You Can Master to Enjoy a Long and Healthy Life in every diabetes clinic. Better yet, in the hands of every person with type 2 diabetes. Richard Jackson, MD and Amy Tenderich provide a realistic guide to [...]