How it feels to be me.

What were the keys to success in losing fifty pounds and a full percentage point in A1C in the fifteen months following my type 2 diabetes diagnosis?

*Exercise. At least 30 minutes at least five times a week. Walking and yoga moves dominated.

*Diet. Limiting foods with more than 35 g of carbs (and encouraging foods with at least 2 g of dietary fiber, no more than 6 g of sugar, no more than 2 g of saturated fat).

*Water. Drinking lots of it, especially during hot & dry Colorado summers.

What are the keys to success now, two and a half years following diagnosis with a slight weight gain and a slight jump in A1C?

*Exercise. More aerobic exercise with elliptical three times a week. One or two walks a week for at least 40 minutes. One or two yoga or balance ball sessions a week.

*Diet. Same old situation. I try to include fruit as a snack, as suggested by a dietitian, so not always sticking to the 6 g of sugar rule. And, well, sometimes I let slip a meal of sushi or a Chicago-style pizza delivery.

*Still drinking plenty of water.

*Metformin. 1500 mg per day, not exactly what the doctor ordered at 2000 mg. It’s helping with the post-meal blood sugar spikes I was dealing with earlier this year, along with occasional decent fasting numbers.

*Stress reduction. I try to control work stress through breathing exercises and taking time to venture outside for even five minutes during the work day.

What is my frustration level with controlling type 2 diabetes?

Moderate. I thought by taking the metformin, I would be seeing spectacular blood sugar numbers. In reality, numbers are only slightly better than they were before the metformin. I know I haven’t gone to the full dose of metformin as prescribed, but I’ve been too busy with work and life to be able to deal with another round of met side effects.

Somedays, it feels like “what’s the point?” of all this diet and exercise if the numbers on the meter and on the scale aren’t changing much. But I know that even if the numbers aren’t changing, my mind feels better. Isn’t that enough? I guess I’ll know for sure in 10, 20, 30 years down the road.

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  1. I know you know that many diabetics express the same type of frustration. But what you are doing will pay off in the long run. MD

  2. Hey, you ARE making a difference. How much worse would your health be if you didn’t exercise and eat properly?

    Keep going, you’re doing great!!


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