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Quick and (mostly) painless doctor visits.


1. Diabetes. 5.4 A1C. My random blood stick (at 11:30AM, right before lunch) was 82. The lancet hurt and I have a bruise on my finger! I was getting a little shaky – more evidence that I may have had some hypoglycemia in my past. I used to get shaky and sweaty when I would go too long between meals back in my underweight days. So, anyways, just need to keep checking morning blood glucose every day and pre- and post-meal blood glucoses 2-3 times a week to make sure there are no significant pattern changes. And of course, keep up with exercise and eating well.

2. Hypothyroid. 2.05 TSH. This is below the clinical guidelines, but above my last TSH reading in May (1.16.). I have noticed some of the same symptoms from last fall and winter come back (fatigue, weird sleeping patterns, joint pain, cold intolerance, slightly longer menstrual cycles). The doctor said that the ideal range is 1.00-2.00 to really be relieved of symptoms, so he decided to up the dose from 75 mcg to 88 mcg. Blood test after 6-8 weeks on the new dose.

Blood pressure was 116/80. Next visit in 6 months, unless the hypothyroid symptoms continue or blood glucose readings start getting high.


Everything is fine. My eyes were not dilated, but the exam was more extensive (and a little uncomfortable) than it used to be for me. AMAZING – for the first time in my nearly 26 years of wearing glasses and nearly 28 years of being seen for eyesight problems, my prescription did not change. WOO!


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