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Welcome To Tales Of Rachel

My name is Rachel and this is my lifestyle and travel blog.  I love to meet new people and see new things.  Through this website I will share my adventures with you so you can get a sneak peak into my world.

First would you like to know a little bit about me?  I am really into healthy eating because when I was young I was diagnosed with diabetes.  This has effected my entire life and I have learned to live with this disease.  Since I was diagnosed as a diabetic at 5 years old everything in my life was changed.

At that moment in time you have no choice but to adapt to your new situation.  A lot of doctors will tell you that you will have a hard time adapting but I found it just made me a more responsible person.  Over the years I have learned to create a lifestyle that kept me healthy and feeling good.  I try my best to only eat organic food and drink clean or filtered water.  One of my passions is traveling the world which can be difficult with my condition.  There are certain areas in the United States it’s very difficult to get Organic food.

The Midwest especially can be challenging to find healthy food.  I was recently traveling through Arkansas and the only place I could find organic food was at a Wall-Mart store.  I searched and found about 10 USDA certified organic products in the entire store.  The other challenge is find clean water while your traveling.  Most city municipalities add chemicals like Chlorine that should be filtered out.  You can always buy bottled water but then you have to consider the chemicals leaching from the plastics.  As you can see being diabetic can be challenging but in the end the struggle only makes you stronger.

My passion for traveling has taken me to almost every state in the United States as well as many foreign countries including Canada, Mexico, Chile, and many places throughout Europe.  My all time favorite travel destinations though are tropic islands in the South Pacific like the Cook Islands.  I love soaking up the sun and living the island life. When I travel I usually do so alone because I enjoy meeting new people.  When you travel alone it almost forces you to get out of your comfort zone and interact with people you wouldn’t talk to usually.  For instance, when I went to the Cook Islands by myself I made friends with some locals who took me on a jungle tour that went high into the mountains.  This adventure alone was enough to make the 10+ hour flight worth it.

Thanks again for reading my blog Tales of Rachel.

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