How to Talk to Hot Women

One of my big passions is solo traveling around the world.  As a young lady you can imagine the interesting situations I have found myself in when traveling by myself.  Almost everywhere I go I get approached by men some of which are very creepy.  In fact, most of the time I get approached by men they come across very desperate.  Usually what happens is they don’t actually talk to me they just simply stand back at a distance and stare.  The funny thing is if they just simply approached me in a casual way I would be receptive.  Now of course if the guy is really good looking I will put up with more creepy behavior.  So here are a few tips on how to not just meet women, but hot women without being a a hot woman


You don’t need to be a Pick Up Artist to meet and seduce sexy women.  Just follow these 3 tips and you should have no problem getting the conversation going.  The first thing to remember is conversation should be natural.  If your walking up to a women the worst thing you can do is use a strange pick up line or say something sexual right at the beginning.  Don’t worry guys there is plenty of time for dirty talk, but please wait until at least the second date.  I respond best to men when they walk up and simply say “hello” or if they comment on something in the environment.  If you say something random to a lady it will probably confuse her and start your interaction off on the wrong foot.  That’s why the best opening lines are usually just a casual comment about the environment or even notice something she’s wearing.  Here is a power tip for all you guys out there, notice something about her that’s not obvious.  For instance, if you walk up to a sexy girl with big boobs your better off not commenting on them.  The reason for this is because this physical feature of hers probably gets commented on all the time!  The goal here is to not be like everyone else.  Your better off standing out but not in a strange way.  One of the best opening lines a guy said to me was you walk with grace and elegance.  In the past I was a ballet dancer so I do think I move with grace.  So when a guy picks up on something that’s not obvious it means a lot to me.

The next tip for approaching women is learn how to small talk.  There’s no reason to get into complicated lines and complex stories when you first meet someone.  Most of the communication that’s going on is happening on the non-verbal level so the simple act of making solid (but not creepy) eye contact will take you a long way.  Some of you out there may be asking what should we talk about?  That’s simple, just engage in small talk.  You can discuss things like the weather, how busy the coffee shop is, what happened on the news last night, your favorite type of coffee, or anything else.  If this seems to basic for you then your making it too complicated.  Women know within the first minute or so whether they are into you so just stop overthinking it and just be yourself.  Click on this link for more advice on how to talk to hot women.

The final tip for approaching women is make your approach seem natural.  This will take some strategic planning on your part but it’s worth the effort.  The best interactions are ones that are not forced, but simply just happened naturally.  For example, maybe you ask her for directions, where the meat section is, or even just ask what time it is.  The next part is you need to naturally roll your opening line into a conversation.  Remember, this still isn’t the time to use pickup lines.  Keep it natural and you will see your success rate increase dramatically.  Women love men who are spontaneous and by showing her you can naturally have a smooth conversation will go a long way.  A lot of women out there are very awkward when it comes to meeting new people so if you can help her through that she will love you for it.  Still feel like you need help with meeting women?  Click here to find the best PUA tips and other training secrets to seduce hot women.

I hope you liked my post on the best ways to approach women without being creepy.  Remember the 3 things are to act natural, make eye contact, and ditch the stupid pickup lines.  The easiest method for talking to women is to just simply comment on what’s in the environment.  I hope this helped increase your chances of meeting the women of your dreams.

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