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The problem with college football.


I know what you’re thinking based on this post’s title.  Rachel is off talking football again and I’ll just ignore it because I don’t follow football.  But this post is about more than football.  It’s about the budget crunches that state governments are facing. The University of Colorado regents are facing an agonizing decision.  Dan [...]

The Ides of March.


Just some random musings this Ides of March: Got an e-mail from the Colorado Shakespeare Festival asking for money.  They’ll be having more actors doing multiple roles in the same play, cutting down on performances (seven weeks instead of nine this summer), cutting down on number of technicians, and freezing salaries.   Sounds familiar to [...]

Oh yeah. It’s March.


Since I last posted, life has been rather hectic and frustrating… February 27, part 1:  Learned that a former co-worker had a stroke two days earlier.  Things are still fairly serious for the 28-year-old (!?!), but she should have a decent recovery, though some motor skills may not be fully regained. February 27, part 2: [...]