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For the second election season in a row, I have seen political advertising painted on the benches at a particular public transportation stop not far from my house (but not in the city in which I live).   This time, a Republican; last time a Democrat. While I am most definitely a liberal and a [...]

We discovered The Highground near Neillsville, WI while searching for a rest area between Minneapolis and Stevens Point a week ago today.  As described on the organization’s website: It is the mission of The Highground to honor Veterans and their families and to educate about the cost of things – the human cost. It is [...]

Trying to believe in change.


As I sit here waiting for the vote on health care reform, I am mulling thoughts and feelings that have been brewing for some time now.  Probably since before the 2008 election season, as the economy was faltering.  And it is not only about health care, it is about everything that was brought up in [...]

Pop goes the culture.


Some random observations about pop culture in lieu of a real post, due to writer’s block that has left me speechless.  (Or I suppose writeless?) Oh, Corey Haim.  Sad but not surprised, as he led a wild life.  This graph of Jessie Spano’s caffeine intake during the very special Saved By The Bell episode entitled “Jessie’s Song” [...]

Oh the guilt.


I had an entire post written out, entitled “Things that make me pout”.  (Yes, I entitle all my posts with a leading capital letter, then all lower case, just in case you were wondering after all this time.) It was about Whole Foods and their new employee discount plan based on BMI, cholesterol levels, blood [...]

Cause and effect.


Bags for Haiti Cinnamon designed the official ChronicBabe bags, though all of her designs are lovely.  She has decided to donate $20 from every bag purchased made at her Etsy shop through the end of February to CARE‘s Haiti relief fund.  If only I could decide on which bag I like the most, I would [...]

Coverage reaction.


Some of the reaction to yesterday’s post about the need for health reform got me thinking even more.  Here are my further thoughts on the subject and counter-reaction to a comment. I wrote: But something is wrong with this country when many people wouldn’t be so blessed and lucky.  Something is wrong when some people [...]



It hit me yesterday. Somewhere between the bill for the anesthesiologist and the small paycheck for the second half of December, it hit me upside the head. I am so blessed and lucky, to steal a line from one of my favorite 10,000 Maniacs songs. I am here.  I am alive.  I didn’t spend time [...]

The problem with college football.


I know what you’re thinking based on this post’s title.  Rachel is off talking football again and I’ll just ignore it because I don’t follow football.  But this post is about more than football.  It’s about the budget crunches that state governments are facing. The University of Colorado regents are facing an agonizing decision.  Dan [...]

Chronically yours.


Somebody somewhere tweeted the following today and it took off like wildfire: “In lieu of flowers, please pass health care reform.” (Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009) This man who happened to have the last name “Kennedy” did so much for people with disabilities, for the underserved, for young people.  Read this list compiled by Robert Rummel-Hudson if [...]