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No, no, I’m not talking sports here.  I have a whole other blog for that.  (Whoops, some shameless self-promotion…let’s move on, shall we?) I’m talking about the team behind my chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and mental health issues) and more recently, some wild stuff that went on with my lady bits and appendix. [...]

In which the footnotes are longer than the post itself. Compared to the emotional wreck I was before the second surgery, I am in a good place.  I don’t know if is the anti-depressant*, or the actual real Synthroid my mail-order pharmacy sent this last time**, or the fact that I shouldn’t need a pelvic [...]

Sweet nightmares are made of these.


Earlier this week, I mentioned that the thought of going to the dentist for a filling was more nerve-wracking than upcoming surgery.   Even yesterday, I said I wasn’t going to worry about blood sugars for the next couple week as there is plenty on my to-do list already. Then I had the dream nightmare last [...]



He carried with him type 1 diabetes. I carried with me mental health concerns. In spite of all the baggage, we fell in love.  I moved a thousand miles from everything I had ever known to be with him and later we exchanged marriage vows. Within a few years, another suitcase landed in my lap [...]

The mental health care plan.


Last week, I would have been happiest had I been curled in bed, weeping and sleeping.  In fact, for most of Saturday, I did exactly that.  I would have fit in well with that “depression hurts” commercial. Things were looking up for a couple days, though that feeling started to evaporate.  I could tell I [...]

The proposal.


It is rather fitting that the first ChronicBabe carnival topic is “thoughts about work and chronic illness”. You see, I am in the midst of preparing a mental proposal regarding my current employment situation in light of the prospect of the second pelvic laparotomy in five months. I want the time to heal properly.  Although I [...]

Here we go again. Because it wasn’t enough to have an emergency laparotomy and have the JP drain placed for several days after surgery. Because it wasn’t enough to have no fewer than five pelvic exams from no fewer than five different physicians in the month of December. I need even more fun in my life. [...]

When I first entered the blogging scene, all that I wanted to focus on was diabetes.  The whole dealing with a young type 2 diabetes diagnosis, the whole dealing with a husband with type 1 diabetes who had recently experienced a hypoglycemic seizure, that’s what it was all about.  That is where I needed support. [...]