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It took two hours to get from LaGuardia to the Hilton.  Yeah, yeah, traffic, other tourists going to other hotels, whatever.  It certainly did not help that the shuttle driver stopped for gas along the way and also asked us, the tourists, for directions to our hotels.  (Between that and the fact my return shuttle [...]

A few years back, I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time.  I wasn’t all that interested in that part of the trip, thinking, “oh gee, a big hole, whoop-di-do”.  Compared to Santa Fe and Las Vegas, the other destinations on our road trip, this was one for the husband to enjoy even though [...]

Why would I go to Florida at the end of June?


No, I would not normally go to Orlando as I’m not a Disney kind of girl.  No, I would not normally go to Florida at the end of hot and humid June. But that’s exactly what I’m doing, thanks to the second Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit, being held in between the American Diabetes Association [...]

New York, New York.


Top ten attractions I’d like to visit, while I’m in New York in August (in no particular order and with the understanding that all may not be possible with time constraints): Either Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building. Museum of Modern Art.  (I’m a sucker for Van Gogh’s The Starry Night). New York [...]

The title of this post says it all. I will be wearing a tutu in Central Park while participating in the BlogHer 5k in August on my first ever visit to New York City for the BlogHer ’10 conference. It’s all part of Tutus for Tanner, a group put together in honor of Her Bad Mother‘s [...]

Old and new – Evanston.


Way back in the days I can barely remember, my mother, siblings, and I would make our way a half hour east to the dentist in Evanston, every six months.   This was the same dentist Mom had been going to see since before she was married, back when she lived in a nearby neighborhood [...]

We discovered The Highground near Neillsville, WI while searching for a rest area between Minneapolis and Stevens Point a week ago today.  As described on the organization’s website: It is the mission of The Highground to honor Veterans and their families and to educate about the cost of things – the human cost. It is [...]

The travel bug.


Amber asked about any fun plans for summer. Things are complicated by the prospect of surgery #2 as well as the day job, but there are tentative plans to do the following: Visiting my family in Wisconsin.  You know, before my twin nieces start walking and talking…too much. Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit in Orlando. [...]

Days of Grace 22-23/365


Meeting Scott and Amy for the first time in person after years of communicating online. Getting to know them past what you see on their blogs. Meeting other interesting people who work for and with the American Heart Association for their program “Heart of Diabetes“, a program to remind and educate people with type 2 [...]