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For the first thirty-two years of my life, I knew nothing of where I came from on my father’s side.  Oh, I knew that his adoptive father was the favored and fun Grandpa of my siblings, though I was too young to know him like they did.  And I’d seen movies of a family trip [...]

The maple tree in front of the curved driveway.  The cherry trees and the three pine trees planted for each child in the huge backyard. This was my family’s home, the house I try to reach in recurring nightmarish dreams. The house where I learned to talk and walk. The driveway where I learned to [...]

A few months ago, it felt like my life was falling into pieces. Now, it feels like it is falling into place. Not even five weeks after surgery, I feel 100%.  (Other than some problems with blood sugar control that should resolve quickly once I’m back to working out 100% in a few days.) I [...]

I don’t write much about family.   I don’t like to tell other people’s stories.  But Genie had the following topic for June’s Living Out Loud, so I thought I would expand upon the subject of family for a little bit. “Are there certain things that you do that remind you of your parents? Are there [...]



The homes of my parents, my sister, and my brother can be mapped out (as the crow flies) as a triangle on the map of the state of Wisconsin.   No one house is more than a couple hours from the other. And then there is me, all the way in Colorado.  I chose to [...]

February can be so cruel with its temptations of light.  Lighter mornings, lighter evenings, as we hustle and bustle to and from work.  Spring is just around the corner, the advertisements tell us, promising the joys of swimsuits and shorts. And then, HA!  Snow and cold return with a vengeance. The light box burned out [...]

For this week’s Perfect Moment Monday, I reach back half a lifetime ago to June 1993. Up until the second semester of my junior year of high school, I’d been a so-so student.  While I made the lowest echelon honor roll with a decent GPA every semester, there was so much untapped potential.  I would [...]

Thankful… …for the love and the home that my husband and I have created together. …for the five ferocious felines who bring us laughter and comfort. …for our immediate families, even if we’re spread out over three states and four different locations for this Thanksgiving holiday. …for the joy that my nieces brought when they [...]

In every family, there are roles that each person plays.  Because I am the youngest of three by quite a few years, I slipped easily into the role of “the baby”. Not much was expected of me as far as chores around the house, not like my sister and brother years before.  Some of this [...]

Show and Tell: Roots


“You know, if we traveled up I-35 and took US-18 all the way to Madison, we could stop in Rudd…”  I offered up that morning as we looked over the map in our hotel room near Des Moines, where we had stopped the night before.   Our ultimate destination was my brother’s house for a [...]