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Dear internets, As Rachel is off in New York City for some blogging conference, I am stuck here at home with that man.  That man who insists on calling me “Poopsie” and holding me against my will, what a dorkbutt.  Since I’m busy hiding from him (and camera-shy today), I asked my pals K.C. (human [...]

Presenting… Colorado Star Cats!

Friday cat blogging.


I kind of like this picture of Kahlua, taken outside our front door looking in on her in the living room.  It reminds me of double exposure photos from film-based point-and-shoots…

Answer me this at 12:10 in the morning.


Why is it that I can toss and turn, toss and turn, toss and turn, with no cats to be found to soothe me to sleep…yet when I finally give up and walk away from the bed to clear my mind, a couple of them immediately settle down to cuddle with me? And just in [...]

Perfect Moment Monday: No Sugar Added


Along with airfare, two nights’ lodging, and meals, Roche Diagnostics provided us with a swag bag full of diabetic-friendly snacks and drinks for the Diabetes Social Media Summit.  Oh, and a copy of the Diabetes Hands Foundation’s No-Sugar Added poetry book… The other day, I sat reading the poems next to one of the cats [...]

Friday cat blogging: Teenage wasteland.


Next Tuesday, Karelia and Nepenthe (a.k.a. “the elders” and “Kari and Neppie”) will be turning 13. We found Kari and Neppie at the local animal shelter only a few weeks after I moved to Colorado.  The shelter had a two-for-one discount on cats who were at least a year old.  These two stole our hearts, [...]

Friday cat blogging.


Let’s put used test strips on a cat, instead of into the garbage! (Yeah, it bugged the heck out of Kahlua to have that on her head.)

Stirring the crazy, part 2.


Yeah, I think going back to work part-time next week is a good idea. Last night, I began to seriously consider filming my own version of that disgusting Charmin commercial about staying clean after you know, going #2.  Instead of the Charmin bears using euphemisms for “dingleberry”, my cats would do so. (Perhaps cutting down [...]

Friday cat blogging.


Kahlua, with her giant paws, lounging on the couch a few weeks ago.  I don’t think she was particularly happy with me for taking her picture.

Sunday cat blogging.


Kahlua and Perl have become part of my weekday morning routine.  Usually, they start meowing at me to wake up anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour before my alarm goes off.  As I head downstairs to take my morning meds, they head down in front of me to eat. And here is the proof: