Always working on it.

Woke up every half hour or so from 3:30 AM until the alarm went off at 6:00 AM this morning.

I am THAT excited about my endocrinologist appointment today. I will receive a number, an A1C reading. This time around, I am going into this appointment without any supporting documentation as to why it may be lower or higher than last time around.

While mostly sticking to the lower carbohydrate end of the spectrum and while workouts started again a few weeks ago after a nagging bout with patellar tendonitis, the meter has barely been used since the last appointment in September. It is test strip hoarding at its best, as orders keep getting placed with the mail order pharmacy even without much actual testing being done.

I cannot explain it. I used to be strict about checking blood glucose every morning, and after at least one meal per day. Did I get used to not testing when the supply of test strips was small in between insurance cards last summer? Have I burnt out on it? Does the fact I have yet to disclose at work play a role?

So even if the A1C is lower than last time (and oh, how I hope it is), there is still work to do.

Soon, I head overseas for a long-deserved week away. A regular pattern of checking blood glucose must happen before then, as the travel and walking and delicious European carbs will take a toll on the numbers. Without constant watch, there could easily be some nasty swings in blood sugar.

Of course, there is always work to do with diabetes…




Posted on January 21, 2013, in Diabetes. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Scott K. Johnson

    That’s one of the things that really gets me about diabetes. There’s always work to do. Either getting to a better number, or working to stay there. It never ends. Ugh.

    Hang in there, Rachel! Maybe your week away will refresh your spirits a bit, too.

  2. diabeticglasses

    Ugh, yes, the work. I am still getting used to it.


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