Struggling. Lost. Scared.

A1C is just a number. It is just a number that may well be influenced by a thyroid suddenly gone astray after years of stability. It is not horrible, it just happens to be a tenth of a point lower than it was at diagnosis.

A change in scenery is long overdue. Shorter commute, closer to friends, closer to everything. But currently limited by a lingering legal constraint, causing more and more stress every day that passes without a move forward.

At least there is a good job with good health insurance. But changing insurance always brings billing confusion and phone calls and more stress.

I just need to know that the struggle is almost over, that I don’t have to feel lost and scared forever, that life will get better. That the all the nightmares of the past three years are almost over, and I can start feeling alive again.



Posted on September 17, 2012, in Health. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Sorry things are so turbulent right now, Rachel. Thinking good thoughts for peace and healing…

  2. This weekend. You just have to make it until this weekend.

  3. You’ll get there, I know that you can.


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