Not at work.

I don’t take it to work with me. Not the meter, not even in the midst of a glucocoaster. Not the mindset of lower-carb living, not even when Operation Carb Control is in effect. Not the name of the condition.

I don’t take type 2 diabetes to work with me, and there are many reasons why not.

I took the You Can Do This Project bracelet to work with me. People asked about it, I told them I was supporting a friend’s project. (It is true, after all.)

People want to know more…I am not ready to tell them. Not at work, anyways.



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  1. You tell them at the right time, when you feel comfortable with it. Like I said, I never hide it, but that’s me. If I’m going to get discriminated for it, then I’ll do something about it. Hugs!

  2. I truly think you should tell them when you\’re ready. Don\’t interpret what I have to say as me pushing you to do anything. I trust that if the time isn\’t right for you, then it isn\’t right.

    All that being said, after I came out (as a person with diabetes) I was surprised at how little anyone cared. I would eventually get sideways glances at potlucks or \”is your sugar okay?\” when I start acting goofy (not related to lows or highs). But in the end, people are so wrapped up in their own issues many didn\’t really even care.

    And it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. Living \”a lie\” or at least not being completly open about something is not easy for me. You might think you\’re avoiding grief, but actually causing it.

    Something to think about.


  3. I am sorry if my question the other night inspired this question. Well, I’m only sorry if it has been causing you grief – otherwise, I am glad I inspired it.

    That being said, I love it when you post things like this. I think the perspectives of people with type 2 are often overlooked in our community.


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