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Ensuring myself.

No diabetes. No hypothyroidism. No treatment sought for anxiety and depression. No extensive abdominal surgeries and hospitalizations. None of these things were part of my medical record when I was last responsible for health insurance.

That all changed with a judge signing off a piece of paper a week ago. I could have placed immediate focus on getting my name changed and getting myself off a mortgage, but as a chronic babe, the most important thing was getting myself onto my own health insurance.

So many things had been held up in the air – prescriptions pending, appointments to schedule, and hikes to take in the gorgeous Colorado foothills.

But not without an insurance card, or at least not without knowing I was officially covered retroactive to last Monday, so thankfully the temporary information became available to print Friday afternoon.

I ended up taking my clumsy and awkward self out for a fantastic hike Saturday morning.

While the health insurance information was gladly unnecessary due to remaining fully intact at the conclusion of said hike, I realized how much more safe and more secure I felt knowing it was in my backpack. At the same time, I realized I felt a little more daring and a little less afraid to choose unknown paths.

And most importantly, I realized I had ensured a little more of my independence.

Weekly Grace, #21.

  1. Pedicure and a haircut, all in the same week.
  2. Hike kicked my ass in a good way, even if it did damage that pedicure a bit.
  3. In the middle of reading a classic I should have read years ago.
  4. A nephew graduating from high school, making me feel old…and yet the other nephew turning one year old, making me feel young(er).
  5. A large sense of closure.

Weekly Grace, #20.

  1. Blogging with substance again.
  2. Making plans to see DOC folks. 
  3. My #snl twitter pals, Sara and Lori.
  4. Tee and Cakes coffee. Ok, and Brewing Market coffee.
  5. Managing to sleep in until 11AM on Saturday, despite all the coffee consumed earlier in the week.

D-Blog Week: What They Should Know

Let’s do a little advocating and post what we wish people knew about diabetes.  Have more than one thing you wish people knew?  Go ahead and tell us everything.

  1. Type 2 diabetes is more than a “lifestyle disease”. It is complicated by genetics, and quite possibly autoimmunity.
  2. Diabetes, no matter which type or subtype, is not just about the body’s inability to process sugar correctly. It is about all carbohydrates. Some carbs react slowly, others react fast – and the amount of protein and fat consumed alongside those carbs can impact that reaction time. Different people react differently to different kinds of carbs. Even the same person may experience different reactions to the same carbs from day to day, month to month, year to year – thanks to outside factors like hormones, travel, and whether they are wearing underwear*.
  3. A high percentage of people with diabetes live with cats. At least from what can be seen around the DOC.

*I’m just kidding about the underwear thing. I think.

D-Blog Week: Fantasy Diabetes Device

Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be?  Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc.  The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?

As someone managing type 2 diabetes with diet/exercise/metformin, I cannot really think of much in this category. Umm…

Maybe a blood glucose monitor with snappy comebacks like, “what the f— did you eat?”, or “you are awesome!”, or “better luck next time”. Not unlike a magic 8 ball?

Or something like a polygraph machine, only where it shocks me when I haven’t exercised in over 48-72 hours.

Ok, I thought of one that many of us, regardless of diabetes type, could appreciate. Time zone stabilizer, ensuring that jet lag does not wreak havoc on blood sugars. (Other factors may still apply to wavering blood sugars, and you may still experience insomnia.)

D-Blog Week: One Thing To Improve

We probably all have one thing we could try to do better.  Why not make today the day we start working on it.  No judgments, no scolding, just sharing one small thing we can improve so the DOC can cheer us on!

Consistent blood sugar checks.

It is much too easy when things seem to be going well with diet, exercise, and taking metformin to slack on even a daily fasting blood sugar test.

I have always stressed the importance of people with type 2 testing daily, even when not on insulin or oral medications capable of producing hypoglycemia. There is something to be said for identifying negative trends early, after all.

Yet, I forget my own advice sometimes, especially as someone prone to reactive hypoglycemia. That’s where if I eat a higher carb meal before or after vigorous exercise, I end up crashing to 60-75 mg/dl three hours later – not a level that is especially worrisome, just enough to produce unpleasant shakes and sweats. The simple answer is a blood glucose check 2 hours after the meal or exercise with an appropriate snack to follow.

Trends, they are important tools to bring to the doctor. Knowing when you need a snack, that is important to avoid an unnecessary sweat fest.

D-Blog Week: One Great Thing

Tell us about just one diabetes thing you do spectacularly!  Fasting blood sugar checks, oral meds sorted and ready, something always on hand to treat a low, or anything that you do for diabetes.  Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate doing well!

This is the card I picked out of the karma fairy’s hat at work last Halloween.

While I was far from feeling true resilience then, I kept it in my wallet all winter, alongside the 2-dollar bill my father gave me when I was nine years old and the picture of the maternal grandmother I never knew.

I struggle terribly sometimes with anxiety and depression, which impacts weight and blood glucose levels and blood pressure because I give up on exercise and eating healthy. But when things go better for me, when I am feeling little anxiety and little misery, I come back and push myself to eat better, to exercise more, to keep feeling good, to regain some sense of health in spite of type 2 diabetes.

Each and every time.

How amazing was it, then, that this is the card I picked out of the karma fairy’s hat?

D-Blog Week: Find a Friend

Think about the d-blogs you read that you think we may not know about and introduce us to one that you love!!  Let’s all find a new friend today! 

Taking this topic in a bit of a different direction. You’ll see why.

Many of you know Kelly. Many of you laugh with her, many of you advocate with her; many of you cry with her.

The past two and a half years, it seems Kelly and I have led somewhat parallel lives. Thrown major health concerns unrelated to diabetes in December 2009. Worlds turned upside down in 2011, in decidedly different but still heartbreaking ways. (On a positive note, we are both such proud aunties.)

The thing is, Kelly still makes me laugh and still makes me want to advocate, even while she’s shed her own tears. She exhibits a kind of strength that I wish I could and to which I aspire, in the worst of times.

Happy birthday, Kelly. May there be many better days ahead. xoxo.


Weekly Grace, #19.

  1. Bacon and garlic in the same meal.
  2. Working out four days this week, even managing to run for an entire song.
  3. The world’s perfect face wash.
  4. The nephew whose AP Exam nightmare made me laugh (here’s hoping the real thing went well). 
  5. Seth Meyers doing a “REALLY?!?” segment last night on SNL on the whole Time magazine cover controversy..

Weekly Grace, #18.

  1. Open-ended therapist appointment (huge progress).
  2. Getting organized and furniturized. (And making up new words.)
  3. Reading in the sunshine during the lunch break.
  4. Wrapping up crock pot and humidifier season.
  5. Thunderstorms (and the way the silly cats freak out).

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