The rambly fifteen, #16.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

What’s the point of open source software if you have to leave a donation to download it? (Ok, ok, I downloaded anyways because I am in desperate need of a Microsoft Office alternative.)

Hot dogs and red wine. I can be so classy sometimes. (There were also roasted brussels sprouts and pesto stuffed mushrooms involved, just to counteract the trashiness of the hot dogs.)

Late to work yesterday thanks to wonderful overnight occurrences: two (2) episodes of a vomiting cat and one (1) episode of a CO2 detector’s battery dying. Sleep finally happened at 3:30am after finally determining that a lack of alarm clock might actually assist in achieving sleep.

Now I feel like I will never catch up on sleep this week. Certainly did not help that a long, dragged out work training took up the morning. People told me I looked tired this afternoon. Um, thanks?

Clean bill of eye health yesterday, by the way. While diabetes-related eye complications are always in the back of the mind, I also know that I am high risk of glaucoma thanks to occasional blood pressure issues, not to mention the extreme nearsightedness and astigmatism with which I’ve been blessed (ha). Hoping that next ophthalmologist will actually dilate my eyes…

Headed back to Wisconsin in a few weeks, thanks to frequent flier miles my dad used. It took a lot for me to accept that help, but I did it and it helps everyone involved, not just me. My family needs me every bit as much as I need them.

No sushi since July. I should probably fix that. Soon.

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