#NHBPM – Ekphrasis

This post is written as part of  NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days. Ekphrasis is the practice of writing about another method of artistic expression. While the prompt indicates finding a picture via Creative Commons on Flickr, I have chosen one of my own photos to free-write about for 15 minutes (no more, no less, no editing).

Taken in the midst of several days worth of evening thunderstorms, this photo showed the approaching storm on one particular evening.

Like those several days in a row in July, this year has been full of personal storms. So many worries, so few joys. I still have my health, at least in the physical sense. No complaints from the thyroid or diabetes departments, as I continue to approach the weight loss goal after all the pounds that piled on after surgeries and multiple heartaches. I cannot deny that the emotional health has taken a beating.

Still, the joys. The nieces and the nephews. The exercise dance parties with the reluctant cats. The laughter while hanging out with good friends. The comfort of Mom’s winter coat.

Like the storms that make those Boulder foothills look so ugly, the sunshine brings out all the beauty. I am starting to notice beauty again slowly as the clouds of life start to part, not only in nature, not only in enjoying cooking again, not only in others’ generosity, but in myself and in my writing. In treating my body good.

I must keep physical health in check in order to keep emotional heath in check. The storms may still come, yet their appearance should be briefer and lighter. It is all I can hope anymore. Just like those storms in July that eventually dissipated after several days.

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