#NHBPM – Health Activist Aspirations

Two years, I began to have a vision of something I felt was needed in the diabetes online community. I started writing page after page in the notebook I carry around – a mission statement, a list of bloggers to include in the developing stages, even a couple of sketched logos along with the name I had chosen for this project. And then I got sick.

After recovery, I went further with the plans, writing drafts of each page of the website I hoped to build, looking up how to start a LLC, purchasing the domain name, and brainstorming practical and technical advisors who might assist for *gulp* free. And then life threw a curveball.

I keep holding onto this idea. I keep wanting to make it happen. I still hold the domain name. The thing is, I am beginning to think I need to shout this idea out loud in order for it to come to fruition.

It’s not about finding a cure, or distributing supplies, or advocacy with large organizations or corporations.

It’s about dealing with the emotional aspects of living with diabetes. It’s about the ups and downs that comes with high blood sugar and low blood sugar. It’s for people with type 1, with type 2, with LADA, with all the smaller subtypes, and even for parents who are helping to manage their children’s diabetes (type 1 or type 2). Blog posts from those who have “been there done that” struggling to balance emotions to manage diabetes and from health care professionals who understand diabetes is not just a physical illness. Message boards that provide a little more privacy than Twitter or Facebook. That’s just the start.

The Behavioral Diabetes Institute does amazing work, from what I am told. But we are not all blessed to live in or near San Diego, or to be able to travel there for their programs. We need to bring programs to our local hospitals or ADA chapters or even our homes to address the emotional side of living with diabetes – taking a page from the PODS meetups from Diabetes Sisters. This is more of a long-term goal of the project, to bring the online support offline.

Diabetes State of Mind. How can I make this happen? How can you help?

This post was written as part of  NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days.

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  1. Oh Rachel, I love this! There has got to be a way to make this happen. You can do it! I too have a desire to reach out to smaller communities and provide information and assistance to those who don’t have easy access. I’d like to see more easily understood information and more support for those who are diagnosed, and those who are pre-diabetic.

    It sounds like you’ve already done a lot of groundwork. Hang in there and keep the plan alive! I am willing to help in any way I can.

  2. I so so so love this idea. I think this is something that is very needed in our community. I know I sure need something like this. I have no idea how I can help you with this – but if you do, please let me know. I’d love to help in any way that I can.

  3. I’m not sure how I can help, but I know I want to!


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