The rambly fifteen, #3.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

Sometimes when you dream about someone vomiting upon you, you wake up to hear a cat vomiting. If you are lucky, the vomit will not be on you.

Sometimes you need to go through a whole lot of shit in order to figure out stuff about yourself that might have saved you from some of the shit. If you are lucky, you still end up learning things that are actually kind of awesome, even if you still hurt and even if it is too late to change what happened.

Sometimes your team has a rough start to the NFL season and then they get to play the worst team in their division – which allows them to regain their collective egos as they rout that team to end up at 3-3. And sometimes you go 9-4 on your entire selection of NFL picks for a week. (Which makes you wonder when you will finally play fantasy football, too.)

Sometimes you just need to watch trashy television shows you swore off a few years back. Sometimes you remember why you swore them off as they are even more ridiculous than they were back then. Sometimes you think you could live without a television, and then you remember how much you love watching football and hockey on said television.

Sometimes you need to stop saying “sometimes you…”.

I am not going to lie, there has been a certain level of disgusting boredom at work lately. Things seem to be picking up, especially with spreadsheet creation and updating in order to analyze different aspects of the program’s finances, which excites me more than it should. I like being busy, it keeps my mind off all that shit I talked about earlier.

I guess I never mentioned that my month-old crock pot stopped working in April in the middle of what should have been a delicious Moroccan chicken meal and instead turned out to be a raw mess. Two things resulted since – chicken has turned my stomach and I have not slow cooked. I must remedy the second situation this weekend with the purchase of a new crock pot. That will hopefully last more than a month.




Posted on October 18, 2011, in Writing. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. We bought a slow cooker earlier this year and haven’t been using it either. Thank you for reminding me that we really should put it to good use. I hope you find a better one!

  2. or the vomit is on your bed and you discover it when you roll over to see what is going on … been there!


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