The rambly fifteen, #2.

Fifteen minutes straight writing…begin…right…now.

There is something comforting in playing Words With Friends with the brother. It has nothing to do that he schools me in almost every game we play, in fact that is what makes it not comforting. It is more that we are connecting a few times a day through a game, even if we’re too busy to type out an e-mail or make time for a phone call. (Ok, so he’s the one more likely to be busy being primary caretaker of his three little children during the week.)

Also, in the same vein, between him and my good friend A, I know that if I hadn’t played a game in a time frame of more than, say, 24 hours, either one of them would text me to see what is up, to make sure I am okay. I guess you could say that Words With Friends is a safety net of sorts.

While I continue to make plans to move back to the Midwest sometime in the next year and a half, the next few days are filled with fun stuff with the friends I have made here. A different kind of book club, a lunch date, and a birthday party for my favorite almost-2-year-old not related to me. So glad to go out and do something that isn’t work or running errands.

Spectacular mental health professional has no problem with me using anti-anxiety medication as an occasional sleep aid – it helped kick start the first few nights of excellent sleep a month ago. That excellent sleep stopped several evenings ago, so I started thinking out loud in her office about trying it again. Whatever helps, SMHP said, saying that it is less likely to become a habit than a prescription sleep aid based on how it helped a few weeks ago.

Not tonight, though, as I did have a glass of wine with a rare dinner out. I deserve that every now and then, don’t I?

Posted on October 12, 2011, in Writing. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Dinner out and wine? Good for you!
    Brothers are cool. They care more than they admit…

  2. Yay! Your favorite almost-2-year-old not related to you will be thrilled to see you, and so will I! :)


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