Pretending to sleep.

What do you do when the only places you sleep well include everywhere but your own bed?

This insomnia thing is wearing me down, now present for six full months.

Oh, I have tried every single trick in the book. Each work for a few nights, then my body shifts right back to obnoxious sleep patterns.

Through it all, I try try try to stay on top of diet and exercise so as not to disrupt neither blood glucose nor emotions. The former, so far so good. The latter, another story.

(written 9/13/11, morning.)


What do you do when the only places you sleep well include everywhere but your own bed?

Maybe you pretend that you are not in your own bed.

Maybe you pretend you are back in the pillow-filled bed in that Chicago hotel room, the one where you slept for nine hours two straight nights without interruption.

Maybe you pretend you are back in your brother’s basement, lying on a mattress with your mother only a few steps away. Another night when you slept nine hours without interruption.

Maybe you pretend, even if it is emotionally dangerous to keep thinking you would rather be anywhere but where you actually are.

Maybe you pretend, because you know you need to do whatever helps.

(written 9/13/11 afternoon, with every intention of pretending this evening.)

Posted on September 13, 2011, in Health. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. To be totally honest – the biggest side effect of my med is fatigue. So much that I split the pill for morning and night, or I would never make it to work in the morning.

    Before that, I think the only place I slept “well” was on the couch with the TV on for noise in the background.

  2. Good luck with the sleeping problem. I like the idea of thinking you are in someplace where you slept well. That’s a great application of creative visualization!

  3. Hoping you find a solution very soon. It has to be so very frustrating…

  4. I just like to pretend sleep isn’t important, than on that occasional night a few times a year, when I hit the hay early and sleep like 9 hours, it’s awesome. Otherwise, who needs sleep? Time to join the night owl ranks with us, around 10pm on Twitter…


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