Care packages.

Somebody informed me the other day that they would like to send me something, though they did not have a current mailing address. It led me to wonder if I am the only person out there who thinks “I don’t deserve it” when somebody cares enough to want to do something nice like this. (Or who thinks it will not be truly appreciated on the other end should I send one.)

Interestingly enough, an August writing prompt from WEGO Health involves care packages, asking the following questions:

  • If you were to receive a care package in the mail tomorrow – what would love to find inside?
  • If you’ve made someone else a care package – what did you include?

Notice it is not asked if such a concept makes one uncomfortable; instead, it is that everyone is deserving of such a treat. After thinking about the above questions as well as a related one, I came to the conclusion that I should indeed accept whatever it is that is coming my way.
If I were to receive a care package tomorrow, I would love to find:

  • flavored herbal tea from somewhere other than Celestial Seasonings (with which to make iced tea)
  • a CD with soothing music for bedtime
  • giraffe-themed trinkets (after all, they are my spirit animal)
  • a book to make me laugh and laugh
  • fun colors of nail polish
  • warm socks for the coming cooler months

Care packages on my end have included candles, or books, or simply letters written on notecards depicting favorite photographs or paintings.

If I were to send a care package tomorrow, the following things might be included:

  • How To Be Sick by Toni Bernhard for my friends with chronic illness
  • The Way of the Happy Woman for female friends near and far, at every stage of life
  • Snack mix prepared by me, keeping in mind any dietary restrictions
  • Eye pillow for nighttime relaxation
  • A small rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night
  • Handwritten inspirational saying with a touch of my own art

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  1. I thought “diabetes” care package, but if it can be what I would really love to find inside is a new Yankee candle (cinnamon is my favorite) and an Itunes gift certificate. Depending on the person I was sending a care package to, I would probably give a gift certificate to a book store, tea, and a nice warm, down throw.

  2. Hmmmmm, I’m thinking you, Kelly, and I should trade addresses!! ;)


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