A few more reasons why.

A few weeks ago, I launched into the long explanation of why I might not stay in Colorado after the grant on which I am working ends in a couple years.

But yesterday, I was reminded of a few more reasons why I would like to stay.

Their names are Nepenthe (Neppie), Kahlua, Perl, and Athena Edwina.

I walked in the door to pack up some of the last few things remaining at the house and to discuss important matters that lie ahead.

Neppie’s eyes brightened the moment she saw me, Kahlua could not seem to get enough of belly scratching, Perl purred while in my arms (she’s coming with me to the new place soon), and even Thenie tolerated me for a few brief moments.

The house may feel less and less like mine, the place on which I left my mark for nearly eleven years. The cats? They never forget their “mom”.

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